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For the most part, I really dislike pop-ups. I don't appreciate being on the receiving end of them, so in keeping with my 'do unto others' approach; I try to limit my use of them as much as possible.

Here's my most infamous pop-up tale.

One day I left the house for about an hour. On returning to my office, I was shocked to see about FIFTY browser windows open on my computer display.

How could that happen?

Well, some unthinking and unkind webmaster programmed a pop-up script unto a page of his that I'd visited (and left open) that in turn opened a new browser window every minute or so. Each and every page was exactly the same.

What purpose did that serve other than to make me despise the dufus? Absolutely none! Well, actually, his unscrupulous ways gave me a story to tell you. That said, using pop-ups might increase your conversion rates.

Exit pops with your mailing list or newsletter subscription form are particularly effective. Here's an experiment I did relating to pop-up windows.

Thinking that everyone hated pop-up windows as much as I do, I changed all of the links at so that they would no longer open new windows when clicked upon. The new pages simply opened up in the same browser window, as most surfers would hope and expect when clicking on a link. I didn't really notice too much of a difference in my conversion rate, and thought I'd done my visitors a favor.

However, a few months later, in another conversion rate experiment, I changed all the links so that they would open "new" windows when clicked. My conversions went up almost immediately.

In this instance however, I added the following warning to each page of the site.

Please note that links that leave will open a new window. That allows you to check out the service and come back to see more in the category.

It seems to work.

Email Copy Blueprint

Email Copy Blueprint

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