Unless you personally know a Web site designer and are totally confident in his or her work this option is mostly a crapshoot

It could easily cost $3,000 to have a 2 or 3 page mini site built. Due to differences in artistic interpretation, there are no guarantees that you will be thrilled with the design.

My partners and I hired programmers to develop proprietary 'matchmaking' software - like that used by Match.com and Date.com. The final product was more than a year overdue, and although all aspects of the program's functionality were carefully articulated in a thick contract, it took many more months to 'tweak' the site to perfection.

Super Affiliate Handbook

Don't get me wrong. We love the work they did for us, and the price was definitely right. I just want make the point that even 2 strong teams of articulate Web professionals can incur weighty cost overruns and production delays.

If time and money aren't issues for you, then a great place to find a designer for your site is at Elance. You post a description of your project, which designers then bid on. Elance has a skill rating system that you are free to review before agreeing to hire anyone. I've used this service a few times to hire programmers to write scripts for my site and have always been very satisfied with the work.

To find a designer, programmer, or Web developer at Elance, visit the link below.

^ Elance

Regardless of the option you choose, I highly recommend that you make the time to learn some basic HTML coding. Waiting for someone else to make changes to your site can be frustrating and costly. It's much better that you maintain control over all aspects of your affiliate business.

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