The Internet isnt TV Its where we go to do research Surprising me with loud ugly noises wont earn my respect

On the contrary, giving me cause to fall out of my chair and hold my heart in fear will only hurt your Web site because I will caution others against visiting your site.

By the way, BEWARE when you visit any of Marlon Sanders' sites. To emphasize his slogan 'Marketing that Roars', his visitors are greeted with a lion's roar upon opening any of his pages. ('Greeted'. I use that term very loosely in this case.) He offers excellent products, but the roar is unnecessary and disrespectful.

Consider the possibility that your visitors may be in an office or library environment, or they may have their stereo playing softly in the background while quietly surfing the 'Net. Any sudden unsolicited noise is likely to disrupt them from whatever they're doing and they are likely to retreat from your site in great haste.

That's bad for business.

If you were thinking about the possibility of adding music or other noise to your site - do your visitors a favor - Don't!

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