The expensive downside covered it is well worth the money to list your site with Yahoo


Yahoo! still has the Number 1 Alexa ranking. It's Top Dog.

That means it gets more traffic than any other site on the Web. THAT's the biggest reason 'why'.

Being listed in Yahoo's handpicked, human-compiled directory is one of the best ways to make sure that Google's (Alexa rating = 5) crawls and picks up your home page quickly. A link from Yahoo! will also improve your Google page rank. Even without the Yahoo! link, Google will find your page eventually, but if you are looking for lots of traffic fast, a Yahoo! listing is where it's at.

Indexing and Linkbuilding

Indexing and Linkbuilding

SEO? Its an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So thats the S, E, and O of SEO. But what SEO really means is making money on the Internet. I dont mean the act of putting up ads and selling things online that you hope people will buy

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