The biggest obstacle to selling online is lack of consumer trust and judging by the amount of spam and scams flying about cyberspace surfers are right to be wary

Savvy online shoppers, however, know how to determine a merchant's credibility by assessing onsite information and asking pertinent questions.

Online merchants and their super affiliates anticipate their visitors' concerns and address questions before they arise, and in return are rewarded with sales and conversion rates much higher than their counterparts whose focus is elsewhere.

Here are 10 ways you can increase your conversion rates by building trust in your sites.

1. Honesty: Visitors should know exactly what to expect before they get to your site. Dishonest advertising wastes their time and your money. They'll leave without buying, and won't be returning any time soon.

2. Superior Knowledge: Affiliates with high conversion rates usually own the products they sell. First-hand knowledge lends credibility to their personal reviews and sets them apart from the crowd.

3. Invite Feedback: Testimonials from happy customers are an excellent way to build trust in your product reviews.

4. Promote Only Quality Products: Complaints, refunds and charge-backs hurt your reputation, as well as your revenue levels . Sell only high-quality products.

5. Keep Design Simple: Gratuitous animated graphics scream "Webmaster Kindergarten". Focus on your products, not fancy gimmicks.

6. Show Respect: Broken links, graphics and forms are frustrating. Pop-ups, music and noise are maddening. Respect your visitors' time and space. Make sure your site is free of errors and other annoyances.

7. Be Available: Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you. A highly visible contact link on every page is usually enough to let visitors know that you are readily available.

8. Expose Yourself: It's a psychological fact that trust increases with exposure. Stay in touch with your visitors by sending them useful information through your mailing list.

9. Go Beyond Expectations: Affiliates often receive emails better handled by the merchant partner. Don't ignore those emails. Relaying the message promptly brands you as a professional with both the customer and your partner.

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10. Give Something Away: Freebies are like samples at a chocolate shop. Few folks will turn them down, and your reputation goes up when they're good.

As you can see, gaining your visitors' trust is simple. Simply be trustworthy.

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