Success truly is 90 planning and 10 execution

Don't you just love those sites that have a great looking homepage with links that look like they go to interesting information, but in fact end up at 'under construction' pages?

Those sites were built backwards, without a plan.

In their excitement to get online and start making money, many new webmasters omit the planning process as time-wasting, unnecessary work. They concentrate instead on designing fancy navigation buttons and flashy banners for their homepage, and hope to entice visitors to return with a promise of more to come.

Unfortunately, these webmasters haven't established a clear picture of how their site will be arranged, and the lack of focus and planning is sadly evident in the resulting product.

For sites like that, I wish there were an 'un-bookmark' feature. It would ensure that I never subjected myself to the site again.

The Force Of Fulcrums

The Force Of Fulcrums

Learning About The Force Of Fulcrums Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! How simple shifts in your thinking will make you rich forever! If you wish to grow beyond your current state of being, you'll need to learn about the fulcrum precept. A fulcrum is the pivot point for a lever. Therefore, whenever you wish to properly utilize leverage, then, you'll need to place the fulcrum in the right place. Many people have never heard if this and have no idea how to go about figuring out where they are or how to change it.

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