After signing up for a program that promotes a number of different credit cards and financial services, I started getting a ton of spam directed to the email address I'd set up specifically for this company.

I wrote the affiliate manager and advised him that I was aware my email address had been 'sold' by their company to outside companies, and that I wasn't impressed by having my trust betrayed in that manner.

Not only did I not receive a response, soon afterwards I started receiving offers to join their affiliate program (the one I had already joined) directed to ANOTHER of my email addresses -the one I use only for domain registrations at

What that means, is that the affiliate manager, or someone in his company, uses a WhoIs service, or specialized software, to search for sites that would make good affiliate candidates.

I emailed the affiliate manager again to let him know that I was aware of this practice, and that I would prefer to receive better ad copy to help me promote their products, as opposed to spamming me to join a program that I was already affiliated with.

I still got no response.

Guess what? One more spam email and I dropped their program. Their loss entirely. I don't affiliate with spammers, and I highly recommend that you avoid them as well.

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