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Check Statistics - When I first started out, I checked my stats hourly, and sometimes more often. Because I'm now so familiar with the income 'trends', I check only 'key partner sites' daily to give me an indication of how my business as a whole is performing. I recommend that you check your statistics daily until you've been at it long enough to know what to expect day by day and week by week. Simply visit the statistics interface for each network and individual affiliate partner and input your total revenues into Quicken or other accounting software. Using Quicken frequently will also keep you informed as to whether certain checks have become overdue.

Make Time for Yourself - I list this last in the 'daily' section, but it really belongs at the top of the list. A business that involves sitting at your computer for lengthy periods of time can lead to weight gain and repetitive strain injury if you don't take proper care of yourself.

I personally try to get my daily exercise out of the way before I turn on my computer in the morning. It's the easiest way I know to prevent getting 'side-tracked' by my business interests.

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Magic Affiliate Cash

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