Site Monitoring Is your site online On a Daily basis type your URL into your browsers address bar refresh the page and find out

The danger in not knowing that your site is down comes when you are running a pay per click advertising campaign. The click costs add up whether your site is functional or not. If your site is down, you are paying for advertising, but no one is buying.

If that thought scares you, NetMechanic is a service that will check to see whether your site in online, every fifteen minutes, 24 hours a day. If your site is down, they'll notify you by numeric pager, alphanumeric pager, or email, so you can resolve your downtime problems immediately. Check out their free trial, which will check your site every fifteen minutes for 8 hours so you can see how their service works.

Destroying Adwords

Destroying Adwords

Adwords or Pay Per Click advertising is essentially the 21st century equivalent of direct marketing, allowing advertisers to test ideas in hours rather than months. Learn more about Google Adwords and PPC advertising.

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