Similar in functionality to MAP 2000tm Affiliate Assistant allows you to stay organized by storing contact information affiliate numbers passwords URLs and more It too will let you track payment history and payments due

Affiliate Assistant, however, goes one step further with functionality that lets you compare and analyze your advertising campaigns. If you take the time to input collected data about clicks, sales, and page views, impressions, emails sent etc. from your various ad campaigns and enter all of it into the campaign manager, Affiliate Assistant will show you:

• Click to Sale Ratios

• Impression to Sale Ratios

• Amount Earned Per Impression

• Amount Earned Per Click

If you've never tracked your sales and ad campaigns before, this feature alone might be worth the $27 that Affiliate Assistant would cost you.

Super Affiliate Handbook

But before you go rushing off to buy it, please note that the sales page has been seriously out of date for a very long time now. Right at the top you'll notice 'for Windows 95/98/NT/2000' in brackets. So, will it work with XP?

Another dated comment that has been on the site for ages is 'Just one simple use of this feature earned Chuck McCullough an extra $765 this month.' This month?! Does he earn an extra $765 every month? And here's another one. 'Order by 19 November and get a free upgrade to 2.0 when it is released.'

That's six months from the time of this writing! Then again, maybe they meant last November? Or November, 2001? I'd send an email first to see if anyone's still there?

If those peculiarities don't bother you, visit Affiliate Assistant's homepage at:

Affiliate Assistant

The Trusty Excel Spreadsheet

MS-Excel to the rescue AGAIN!

Really, by using a spreadsheet you can organize your data exactly in a way that makes sense to you. Add a column, delete a column or widen and narrow the columns. Add as many parameters as you like. Make the fonts any size and color that you see fit. Link your affiliate information spreadsheet to your conversion rate information spreadsheet and access either with a single click.

Here are the columns that I have labeled on my affiliate information spreadsheet.

• Program/Company Name (linked to the homepage)

• Broker URL (the URL used to refer other affiliates to the program.)

• Affiliate Interface (linked to the affiliate login page)

• Contact Name/Email/Phone

• Commission Info

I keep a link to this spreadsheet on my desktop and usually access it a few times a day.

The biggest trick is to remember to enter new data about stand-alone programs as soon as I join them. After you forget to make the entry a few times and have to search your email program for the data, entering it immediately into the spreadsheet will start to become a habit.

There you go. I saved the best for last. The scenario that gives you the most latitude and it's free if you have MS-Office or equivalent. How can you beat that?

Magic Affiliate Cash

Magic Affiliate Cash

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