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Payments - One consolidated monthly check. ShareaSale issues payments via check and PayPal on the 20th of each month for those affiliates who reach the $50 minimum before then end of the previous month. Real-time Tracking - Yes

Super Affiliate Handbook

Multi-Tier - $1 per signup as an affiliate, and 5% of their future earnings. Email Marketing Permitted - Yes

There were no real restrictions in the application process, other than having a valid web site address, and valid email address. They also suggest that affiliates could differentiate themselves by having a top-level-domain name.

It took only a day to have my application approved, and once into the interface, I was informed that my membership level was 'limited', and that I could only apply to pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale program until I'd generated at least one pay-per-sale transaction or $20 worth of valid CPA transactions. I guess that helps them weed out the very impatient spammers.

Honestly, I find ShareaSale's interface very hard to look at. Yellow links on a white background tend to give me eyestrain followed by headaches. It's definitely not an interface to be mulled over for long periods of time.

The simple search for merchants is a little slow and clunky. Clicking on a category name like 'Business' returns fifteen merchants per page. Some merchants' descriptions are more than one-screen high and that makes for an incredibly long page with lots of big graphics. The paragraph description below each company's logo is way too small and impossible to read. I don't believe surfers should have to change the font size displayed in their browser window to suit designers. It should be the other way round. Consequently, I scroll the page looking only at logos. I'm probably not alone in this method of searching, so merchants choosing to use ShareaSale should make sure that their logos are VERY eye-catching.

Generating banners and text links produces a similarly unwieldy page.

ShareaSale had 545 merchant offerings at the time of writing.

Some Notable clients are:

• Avitan Technologies Corp.

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Passive Income Blueprint

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