POP3 email accounts How many do you get

• Transfer - How many gigabytes (GB's) of data transfer are allowed?

• FrontPage extensions - If you use FrontPage to design your site, you'll need these.

• WebStats - Can you access your Web site's log files and server statistics?

• CGI-Bin - Needed if you plan to run CGI scripts. Also helpful if the host includes a library of scripts, e.g. guestbook and counters.

• PHP Support - Another programming language that requires host support if you plan to run it.

• Server Side Includes - allow you to dynamically include data in your Web pages

• MySQL - Needed if you run the SQL database program on your site.

• Stated 'uptime'? - The percentage of time their server is up and running. This shouldn't be less than 99.7%.

• Browser Based Email - Allows access to your email accounts through your Web browser from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access..

Super Affiliate Handbook

• Interface or Control Panel: Is the account managed through an easy-to-use administrative interface?

• Scalability: Is the account easily upgraded with the growth of your business? Whether you need to add email accounts, more space or more traffic, it should be as easy as simply sending an email or making a phone call.

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