Overview of the Business Building Process

It's always easier to tackle a big project, when you break it down into manageable chunks.

Here are the 10 'chunks' involved in building an affiliate business. Each chunk is comprised of several smaller steps.

Chunk by chunk and step-by-step, you'll soon find that you're making money on the Web!

Let's look at a brief description of each 'chunk' in the process of building an affiliate business.

1. Choose a Topic or Two

2. Assess Topic Profitability

3. Find Related Products and Services with Affiliate Programs

4. Choose Domain and Web Host

5. Create Site Outline

6. Write Product Endorsements

7. Create Site

8. Sign up for Affiliate Programs

9. Promote Site

10. Repeat the Process with a New Topic... or Ten

1. Choose a Topic or Two - What will your site be about? The best way to choose a topic is to pick something that interests you. Spending hours and hours everyday working on a topic you have no interest in or that bores you is hard to do. Choose something that excites you and the work will be fun. Write down a list of potential topics in a notebook or MSWord.

2. Assess Demand, Supply & Profitability - The basic rule for determining profitability is to see whether your chosen topic has an audience and how crowded the market is. This is a 2-step process. The first step is to see how many people search on the keywords applicable to your topic. The second step is to visit Google or AltaVista and determine how many sites relating to that topic are already online. With this knowledge, and a formula given later in the Handbook, we will determine the potential for profit in your chosen market.

3. Find Related Products and Services with Affiliate Programs - Once you know that your idea is potentially profitable, you need to find out whether there are merchants offering products and services of interest to your customers through affiliate programs. We research the programs we locate to determine product quality.

4. Choose Your Domain Name and Web Host - Now that we know your topic idea is potentially profitable and supported by affiliate programs, it's time to register a domain name and web hosting for your site.

5. Create Site Outline - This is an essential step that many people forget. An outline gives you a plan to work from and makes the project proceed quickly and easily.

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