Overtures Search Term Suggestion Tool

To assist its over 80,000 advertisers choose keywords and phrases relevant to their sites and businesses, Overture provides a 'Search Term Suggestion Tool'.

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You simply enter a term related to your site and the tool returns related searches that include the term you placed in the search box. The results also include the number of times that term was searched for during the previous month.

I've noticed that it usually takes until the middle of the following month for the previous month's results to start appearing in the suggestion tool results. If it's really important to you which month the results are from, be sure to check near the top of the box for the phrase "Searches done in 'month' 2003".

As a pay per click search engine, Overture.com claims to reach more than 80% of active U.S. Internet users through its own engine and those of its partners; CNN.com, Altavista, Yahoo! Msn, Lycos, InfoSpace, ESPN and Netscape.

This makes it an especially valuable resource for information about what your potential customers may want to buy!

Overture's Search Suggestion Tool


WordTracker vs. Overture Search Tool

You may be wondering why I recommend WordTracker, which although it has a free trial, is a paid service, when Overture's keyword suggestion tool is free to use.

Well, actually, Overture's tool is supposed to only be available to paying advertisers. Considering it costs a minimum of $20 per month to maintain an Overture account, that means Overture's tool isn't really free either.

However, because I know the URL, and Overture does nothing to password protect it, I can offer it here. They may wise up in time and make it impossible to use without an account, but in the meantime, enjoy it.

That said, back to my point about recommending Wordtracker in addition to Overture's free service.

Unlike Overture, which lumps pluralised, hyphenated, misspellings and other terms together to give one result for the number of searches in a month, Wordtracker shows numbers for all the variables.

For example, although thousands of people will morph the term 'wine making', into 'wine-making', 'winemaking' or even 'wine making', Overture will return results only for 'wine making'. Wordtracker on the other hand, will give you numbers for all of the variations.

This is especially beneficial when submitting terms and listings to pay per click search engines like FindWhat.com, which requires that advertisers provide the exact term that a surfer enters in the search box to get listed in its search results.

Granted, Overture's method is much simpler for advertisers who need not research all the various permutations and derivations, but in order to cover all your bases, you'll want the widest selection of keyword search terms used, and that's what Wordtracker will give you.

Search Engine Optimization Overview

Search Engine Optimization Overview

This is the 2nd volume of a 9 volume series called the Webmasters Toolbox package. Search engines are the number one way that internet users find websites. In most cases, a listing in a search engine is free. So, it's no surprise that Search Engine Optimization SEO is often the first priority when marketing a website.

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