My system picked up an insidious virus that killed all my software programs over a period of two weeks At the end of that time the computer simply failed to start

I was LUCKY, however! The local geeks were able to remove the virus and all my programs and files remained fully functional. (Note: it's OK, I call the local technicians 'geeks' to their faces, so they won't be offended by seeing it here. ©)

During the second instance, again I had antivirus software on my machine that was set to update automatically.

Unfortunately, my email program, Eudora, was also set to download immediately on opening.

It would appear that the email program was faster to download than the antivirus program was to update itself, and the computer picked up a couple of deadly worms. Although it took some time for them to do their damage, the damage was significant.

For weeks my computer operated in strange ways. Certain programs that were previously flawless would hang (crash - not work), while others would simply close without warning. The status bar on my Explorer windows would disappear. I had to input passwords that were automatically filled in before the problems began.

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