Method 3 Affiliate Link Cloaking Software

None of these was foolproof however. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the links hidden by redirection scripts or right-click disablers. However, the solution is finally at hand!

Within 5 minutes of buying and trying this new software, I was so pleased to finally have the problem beat that I was pretty much jumping up and down in my seat.

It is extremely easy to use.

You simply input the affiliate link that you want to hide, name and save the page (i.e. cloaker.html), and then upload it to your server.

Furthermore, when using other methods to try and hide affiliate links, your affiliate ID may still show up in the address window of the browser. With this software, it looks like you sent your visitor to a page on your site.

This software is extremely good value for the money. You could easily recoup the cost of this program in less than a day. Think how much more money you'll have in a week, a month or a year by preventing commission theft.

Don't kid yourself, if you are making affiliate sales, someone is stealing your money. And now you CAN stop them.

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Passive Income Blueprint

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