$10 - New 1 month subscriptions

$20 - New 3 month subscriptions

$30 - New 6 month subscriptions

$40 - New 12 month subscriptions

Commission rates are pretty even between these 2 services. The additional 6 month membership option would immediately put slightly ahead of Yahoo! in my book, as it broadens the options for my visitors.

However, as we research the compensation plans, we discover that both companies have performance incentive bonuses.

At Yahoo!, if you generate 30 subscriptions within a month, you'll earn an additional 75% on all subsequent sales. So, for subscriptions number 31 and up, Yahoo! pays the following amounts:

At, generating more than 50 new paid subscriptions in a particular month also earns a 75% bonus - on each new paid subscription generated in that month. Top Performers are therefore paid:

It now looks like it would pay more to promote Yahoo!, because you only need to generate 30 subscription sales to make their bonus.

But, let's read the fine print again.

Yahoo!'s bonus is paid on all subsequent sales past 30 subscriptions, whereas at, the bonus is applied to each new paid subscription generated in that month if you make 50 sales.

So, do you know yet which one you'd promote more actively? Let's do the math.

Let's assume you make 50 one-month subscription sales at both services in a particular month.

At Yahoo! you would have earned:

30 x $10 = $300.00 20 x $17.50 = $350.00 TOTAL SALES = $750.00

At you would have earned:'s program is the clear winner in this case, proving that doing a couple minutes of math is worth $125.

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