Many Internet marketers invite visitors to join their mailing lists by offering a free newsletter

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Published regularly, a good newsletter brings visitors back to your site over and over again, exposing them to all the wonderful products and services you have to offer.

Use your newsletter to notify your subscribers about special promotions and sales held by your merchant partners.

It's best to link from your newsletter to a special 'sales' page on your site, as opposed to sending them directly to the merchant's site. That way you can test the effectiveness of your offers by keeping track of the number of visitors who visit that page via your newsletter.

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I personally have my mailing lists set up to deliver a set number of messages after someone subscribes to my list(s). The 'pre-programmed messages' are a series of autoresponder messages that get sent to subscribers at specific intervals.

For example, my 'Singles eScene' opt-in list delivers a series of pre-programmed messages related to Internet dating. The first is delivered immediately after sign-up, and then another message in the series gets sent to the subscriber every ten days for the following fifty days.

What happens after the fifty days is up?

Well, I can also 'broadcast' messages to my list of subscribers at times and intervals of my choosing. So, if comes up with a great offer that my subscribers should hear about, I just blast a message to them at any time.

With 70,000 subscribers on that list, the effect is fairly immediate and always positive.

People rush off to the site to take advantage of the offer, and I just got a nice little bonus for doing not a whole lot of work.

Yes, you must build an opt-in subscriber list! Then you have to do something with it. Publish a newsletter, develop an 'ecourse' or do both.

Not building a mailing list, or allowing it to languish is allowing money to slip out of your hands.

Think about this...

Say you have 5,000 unique visitors come to your Web site in an average week. Even though they had an initial interest in your site's subject, the vast majority of these people will never be back, just because they will forget you at a later date, or won't remember how to get there.

Now imagine, if you had a free newsletter or course to offer them in exchange for their opt-in name and email address. At a sign-up rate of 10% you'd be getting 500 new opt-in subscribers per week, or 6,000 per year!

These are people who are giving you permission to send emails to them over and over again in the future.

Don't miss out on this powerful marketing opportunity!

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List Building Pitfalls Revealed

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