Links Should Look Like Links

Unvisited links should conform to the standard colors and practice of being underlined. Standard link colors are:

• Underlined Blue - unvisited

I discovered the value of keeping links standard by way of a test I did some time ago. The link colors at had been more in keeping with my red and yellow color scheme. As an experiment, I changed the link colors to the standard colors listed above. It didn't take long before I saw my conversion rates go up.

Needless to say, I didn't change them back to their original colors!

By the way, changing all the link colors was super-simple to accomplish, because I use 'cascading style sheets' or 'CSS'.

Using CSS eliminates the need to hard code the font face, size and color every time I wish to make a change to a word's appearance. Instead, all the different parameters are listed within a single file, or the cascading style sheet. Then each page on the site has a link that points to the style sheet and draws its information from that.

CSS has the additional benefit of reducing page size by eliminating all that font coding.

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