Lets Play 20 Questions

1. Is the Company Reputable?

2. Is there an Affiliate Agreement?

3. What are the Conditions of the Agreement?

4. May I Terminate the Agreement? How?

5. Is My Site Eligible for this Program?

6. Is there a Fee to Join the Program?

7. Does the Program Require Exclusivity?

8. What is the Program Type?

9. How Much is the Commission?

10. Do You Get Credit for Recurring Sales?

11. Does the Program Pay Lifetime Commissions?

12. Is the Program 2-Tier?

13. Are Cookies Used to Track Sales?

14. Are Sales Statistics Reported in Real Time?

15. Are Sales Tools Offered?

16. Is Co-Branding Available?

17. How Do I Get Paid? In Cash? Credit? Food Stamps?

19. Does the Merchant use Third Party Billing?

20. Is There a Minimum Payout Amount?

Magic Affiliate Cash

Magic Affiliate Cash

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