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Payments - Commission payments are paid in US Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen, or UK Pounds via PayPal on the 15th of each month for the previous month's revenue. Email Marketing Permitted - Yes Real-time Tracking - Yes

Multi-Tier - Earn a 5% monthly bonus for all new affiliates and merchants you bring to Leadhound.

LeadHound's three-part signup process isn't too painful, although the programmers forgot that Canada has provinces, so Canadians like me are forced to include their province in the 'City' entry box. I consider this to be poor forms design and/or lousy knowledge of geography, at best.

LeadHound's interface is attractive but not very intuitive. Once logged into the affiliate members area, the main navigation is on the right side of the page. Those links are black and not underlined. After clicking the 'Campaigns' link, you arrive at a page of instructions on how to navigate and use the section. Unfortunately, the titles underlined in black, in this section aren't links. To navigate the section, you have to use the tiny white links on the left side of the page. This could use a redesign.

Because the navigation is split, part of the right side of the page disappears when you open a page consisting of merchant banners. The 468 x 60 banners are wide enough to push the right-side navigation off the page on a 1024 x 768-display size. I can't imagine having to navigate this site from a 600-wide display. It wouldn't be fun.

A feature I do like is that the Campaigns page list includes the average revenue per click for each product listed. Having that information makes it much easier to know how much you can spend on a pay-per-click advertising campaign for a particular product.

Checking statistics at LeadHound is simple and available in real-time. The display is nice and easy to use, and all the functions are self-explanatory.

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