In labeling, the list starts to 'take shape' with main and sub headings.

Note too that some items have been added to the lists. When you begin to 'see' the site plan taking form, other topics will naturally come to you that may have been overlooked during the brainstorming process.

On the other hand, some topics from the list above are absent from the list below. You may realize during the planning process that you've bitten off more than you feel comfortable chewing, or that something is no longer relevant.

In this case, you'll see that I eliminated 'blisters', as I realized that topic opened the whole subject of injury treatment, about which I am unqualified to make recommendations. I make a note to add a comment about consulting a health professional in the case of injury.

Training Tips

Get Motivated

The 5K Training Plan


• Supplements Injury Prevention

Trail Conditions

• Hilly Terrain


• Precipitation Race Day Tips


Bookstore Gear & Clothing

• Sunglasses

• Shoes Training Aids

• Heart Rate Monitors

• Treadmills

Through this process it becomes apparent that there are at least 3 main topics for the case we're looking at: training tips, shop, training aids. Under these there can be up to three different levels of information (i.e. Training Tips / Nutrition / Hydration). Each level of information may represent a page, or 'chapter' within your site.

Use this breakdown to establish your site navigation.

For example, using the list above, the top two levels would appear as navigation buttons/links throughout the site, whereas third level items such as specific pieces of clothing would be accessed through 'Clothing' at the page level.

Once you have each topic sorted according to category, you can begin work on constructing the individual pages. Despite having a clear picture of the final site navigation, do not add navigation links to the main page until the destination page is fully complete.

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I personally find planning a somewhat difficult and tedious task. Choosing a specific top-level category for some topics can be confusing, and discovering that some categories just won't fit into the plan at all can be frustrating and disappointing.

Regardless, planning IS crucial.

It's a little like building a house. While it may be possible to do it without a blueprint, why would you choose to make the process so difficult and the results so ugly?

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