It has been reported many times that 2 of all affiliates are responsible for generating 90 of all affiliate program sales

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Why is that?

Well, here are the predominant factors that set Super Affiliates apart from their less productive counterparts.

1. Super Affiliates treat their affiliate marketing businesses like BUSINESSES. They don't just slap up a site with a couple of banner ads. They invest in their businesses with time, money and effort. They are determined and persistent.

2. Super Affiliates don't try to be all things to all people. They find a niche with a huge market. They research, understand and sell to that market.

3. Super Affiliates are Super Communicators. They know and understand their merchants' products, and know how to endorse the benefits of those products to their visitors.

4. Super Affiliates grow their businesses. After building one successful affiliate site, they look for opportunities to build new streams of income with affiliate programs.

5. Super Affiliates are constantly learning. They stay current with industry trends to stay on top of what they need to know about how to do business successfully. In other words, they educate themselves, just as you are doing now... you, the aspiring Super Affiliate!

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