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Would you like to expose your products to 22 million people in over 100 countries? Yes? Then think 'eBay'!

Since 1995, eBay has hosted over 2 billion auctions. The site receives over 1.8 billion page views per week, has products selling in over 7,800 categories and over 40 million registered users. About 10 million eBay users visit eBay at least once per week.

That is a PHENOMENAL market, and one that a growing number of affiliates are accessing to promote their products.

But wait! Here's a word of warning before you rush off to start listing your affiliate products on eBay.

Affiliate products may NOT be sold directly on eBay's site. Be sure to understand the auction site's rules and regulations completely before you start to place listings.

This is directly from eBay's Links Policy.

Links from your About Me Page

You may link to your own Web store or Web site. However, you may not directly offer any non-eBay merchandise on the About Me page itself.

eBay does not permit its users to place the following types of links on your About Me pages:

• Links that directly offer any non-eBay listing or merchandise on the About Me page itself.

• Links to other online trading sites or pages, including auctions and fixed-price formats. Learn more

• Links to sites offering the same merchandise for the same or lower price (including the Buy It Now prices).

• Links to sites offering merchandise or information not permitted on eBay

On your About Me page, you may link to your own Web site or individual Internet store where you are offering to trade, sell or purchase your goods or services. However, you may not link to any page within online trading sites that offer goods from multiple sellers either in a fixed price or auction format.

About Me pages that do not meet this policy may be removed.

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