How to create a signature file in Eudora

24. Open Eudora.

25. Under "Tools", click on "Signatures". This will open the Signatures box on the left side of your screen.

26. Right-click in the box, and select "New".

27. A box pops open titled 'Create New Signature' and prompts you to "Enter Signature Name" in the form. Choose a name for your new signature, and then click 'OK'.

28. A blank page opens. Type your promotional message and URL in this space. You have the option to be creative with font colors, sizes and types. When finished, click "File", and then "Save" to save your new signature.

29. To set your new signature as the default signature, choose "Options" under the "Tools" menu, then "Composing Mail". In the drop down box beside "Signature:" pick the name you chose for your new signature.

That's it! Now every time you send out an email, your URL and promotional message will be included.

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