How Much Does it Cost to Advertise

Before you go scooting past this section because you don't plan to advertise, STOP!

Research into how much other sites pay for advertising will tell you a LOT about your competition and the market for your product.

Merchants and affiliates that pay to advertise are serious about their business, so they are the perfect competitors from whom to learn.

I do this part of my research at and, my favorite pay per click search engines, because they deliver the most traffic. It doesn't hurt to also use others like and However you'll usually find that the bids at those services are lower, which is a reflection of their lower traffic volumes.

Just because I don't do research at the lower volume PPC's, does not mean that I don't use them to promote my sites!

I most assuredly do use them.

However, they aren't that necessary for market research purposes. Overture and Findwhat do the trick very nicely for that.

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will learn such tactics as the following Domain age, Regular upgrade, Write for your visitors, Press releases, Flash, Meta tags, Heading tag, Site map, Keywords, External links, Business address, Article distribution, Images, Multiple domains, Link exchange and so much more.

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