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Extreme Tracking - This JavaScript-enhanced tracking service, based in Netherlands, provides every statistic about your site that you could possibly want, broken down by category, and offered up in a nice display.

Before moving to the server on which my sites are now hosted, I used Extreme's free and paid services, and was very satisfied with both. The only drawback to Extreme's free service is that your stats may be accessed by anyone.

You get:

• Uniques - Daily, weekly and monthly uniques, with highest numbers also reported for hours of the day, and days of the week.

• Geo Tracking - by domains, countries and continents

• System Tracking - by browsers, whether javascript enabled, operating systems, screen resolutions and screen color

• Referrer Tracing - source of last 20 visitors and last 20 by email, search engines, from usenet and harddisk.

• Totals by Source - website, search engine, email, usenet and harddisk

• Totals by Search engine and all Keywords used to find your site

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Tracking Software to Buy

If the prospect of placing advertising on your site, or having your stats available for the whole world to see doesn't thrill you, you can purchase tracking software that eliminates the ads and keeps your business private.

In addition to the paid versions of HitBox and Extreme suggested above, I also recommend that you take a look at:

WebTrends Log Analyzer - This is the premier entry-level traffic analysis solution for singleserver web sites.

To run WebTrends you only need access to the log files that are created by your web server. You can run WebTrends on your computer accessing the remote log files.

Log Analyzer offers a broad range of features and capabilities including:

• General statistics - uniques, hits, page views.

• Resources Accessed - top pages, top documents, dynamic ages, & forms, top entry pages, top entry files, top paths through site

• Advertising - views and clicks

• Visitors and Demographics - by number of visits, new vs. returning visitors, top geographic regions, most active countries, North American states and provinces, most active cities

• Activity Statistics - summary for report periods by time increment, by day of the week, by hour of the day, by length of visit, by number of views

• Technical Statistics - forms errors, redirects, 404 errors, server errors and server error detail

• Referrers and Keywords - top referring sites, URL's, search engines, phrases and keywords

• Browsers and Platforms - top browsers, platforms and visiting spiders

There are many more free and paid web site statistics tracking software options available. Many of the paid options offer free trials.

Whichever you select, be sure that it gives you sufficient data in a format that you will find easy to use, because you'll be using it often!

WebTrends Log Analyzer


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