Having to scroll right to see all the text on a page is a symptom of poor design or lack of knowledge of standard display sizes

Standard screen resolutions are 1024 X 768 pixels - for those with good eyesight. However, many, many folks still use 800 X 600.

Given that knowledge, you have to design to the common denominator, which in this case is 800 X 600, and make your pages no more than 800 pixels wide. That means that the 800, 1024, 1152, AND the 1280 pixel wide people can all see the whole page on their display.

You can also use percentage widths, i.e. width="100%", which then widens or narrows the page according to each surfer's screen resolution. However, this HTML coding technique leads to your pages being viewed differently on different computer displays and in different browsers. It's better therefore to design your pages so that they are consistent across various platforms and hard-code specific widths for your HTML pages.

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