Hit: A hit is a single request from for a single item on a web server. To load a page with 5 graphics would count as 6 'hits', 1 for the page plus 1 for each of the graphics. Hits therefore are not a very good measurement of traffic to a website.

Home Page: Your primary HTML page, the first page anyone would see in your Web site. Also called a "landing page".

Hybrid Model: A commission model that combines different payment methods.

Hype (Hyperbole): A deliberate exaggeration for emotional effect. The addressee is not expected to have a literal understanding of the expression.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): The primary "language" that World Wide Web documents are created in.

Hypertext: A hypertext document has references to other documents sprinkled throughout. If you click on one of these references, you are transferred to an entirely different document. For example, if this report was a hypertext document, you could click on any italicized word, and you'd instantly be transported to the definition of that word.

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