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I mention the Google Toolbar first because it will save you time. It allows you to search the web from any website location, without returning to the Google home page to start another search.

This Toolbar is free of charge, takes only a few seconds to install on your computer, and is available in a variety of languages, including 'Elmer Fudd' and 'Pig Latin'. Once installed, the Google Toolbar appears along with the Internet Explorer toolbar.

These features are included with the Google Toolbar:

Google Search: Search Google from any web page.

• Search Site: Search only the pages of the site you're visiting.

PageRank: Google's ranking of the current page.

• Page Info: Access to similar pages, linking pages, and cached snapshots.

• Highlight: Highlight your search terms on a page - each word in its own color.

• Word Find: Find your search terms wherever they appear on the page.

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SEO Article Copywriting

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