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Forums are an area of the Internet where particular topics are discussed. This is typically a message board where members post messages for the entire group to read.

While there are thousands of forums related to affiliate and Internet marketing on the Web, only a few are posted to daily on relevant topics. I've listed those that I find most useful below in alphabetical order.

The number in brackets beside each name (i.e. (1230) is the Alexa rating taken in February 2003. Where no Alexa rating is mentioned, the site uses a service like Network 54 to host their forum. Alexa ratings on these sites apply to traffic received by the overall service, not the individual forums, so I left them out.

Most forums require that you agree to their rules and register as a member before they'll allow you to post. Don't restrict yourself to just the forums listed below.

If and when you find a new forum that looks interesting, be sure to check the dates of the latest postings, the number of responses to each posting and for the general absence of advertising material within the posts themselves.

Recent posting dates and numerous responses indicate an active community, and good forums use moderators to prevent blatant advertising by forum members.

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