Fine Clickscom is a division of Shareasalecom Inc an affiliate network detailed later in this chapter

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Their application form is short, and approval is automatic upon replying to the confirmation email they send.

The interface is FAST and very easy to use. I especially like the 'Revenue Bar' at the top of the page, that give current stats for Own Revenue, Referral Revenue, Carry Over, YTD, and Referral Clicks. Commission Junction has something similar, that is actually more descriptive, but being on the right side of the page, seems slightly less apparent.

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When searching for new offers, one column in the results is called "Funding" and appears as colored bar with variations of blue, red and white. The graduations indicate whether an offer is well funded, or is about to be suspended, and everything in between.

The interface shows average earnings per click and conversion rates, and can be sorted by any of the columns from highest to lowest, or vise versa. All of these features make it much easier to choose the right offer for your site's audience.

Clicking on an offer's link from within the search results opens a new window where you can view more detail about the product and company, and apply to join the program.

I particularly like how easy it is to use their email system. In some affiliate network interfaces, you have to turn off email notifications for each individual merchant that you have an alliance with. With, 3 clicks and you're done!

All in all, FineClick's interface is very similar in functionality to that of Commission Junction.

The only real drawback I've seen at FineClicks is their relatively small number of offers and brand name merchants. That will hopefully change in time.

At the time of writing, I counted 117 merchant offers.

FineClick's clients include:



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