Eudora makes it easy to organize messages and manage email accounts with

with thousands of filter action combinations. For example, with an email from one of my merchant partners selected, I can quickly and easily make a filter that sends all future email from that merchant to a specified folder within the program, by using Eudora's 'Make Filter' command.

Do you have more than one domain? Eudora makes it easy to create, edit and delete email accounts or personalities and to check mail for one or more personalities. When composing messages, the account from which you want to send can be selected right in the 'From' field of the message.

Almost every day I need to try and find a specific email, amongst the thousands I have saved. No problem! Eudora's search feature permits you to specify multiple search criteria and specific folders and mailboxes to be searched, and searches thousands of messages in seconds. Results are displayed in a single window where selected messages can be reviewed, sorted, transferred or deleted.

Also, using Eudora's filters will help you keep spam to a minimum without having to buy spam-stopping software. Simply set your filters to catch specific words, phrases or email addresses and have spam sent directly to the trash - where it belongs.

Those are just a few of the many excellent features that Eudora offers. Best of all, they offer a free 'Light' version of the product.

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