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Internet business is about communicating. To do the job done right, you need an email client capable of filtering, redirecting and handling a huge load of messages. I believe that Eudora does this better than any other email client.

Years ago I switched from Outlook to Eudora to handle all my email. I prefer it to MSware for email for a number of safety and data management reasons.

Outlook's AutoPreview only lets you see the first three lines of any message, leaving your computer susceptible to malicious code in HTML email messages. Although there are 'fixes' for this problem in Outlook, I prefer to use Eudora because the problem doesn't exist in its software.

eMail Secrets exposed

eMail Secrets exposed

If youre anything like me, youve probably heard it a thousand times before, stored it in the back of your memory bank, and havent had the desire to go back there to get it. Well, nows the time to start acting on what I call The Undiscovered Gold Mine. What Im talking about is the marketing power of an opt-in email list.

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