How many 5 or 7-day email courses have you signed up for? Five, 10, 20? If you've been searching for money-making opportunities on the Net for any length of time, I'm willing to bet that you've signed up for a few. They're enticing, and they all include links to sales pages or affiliate products. But do you really want to do all the writing that goes into preparing a 7-part ecourse? Probably not. That's why it surprises me that so few marketers give their affiliates ecourses to offer their visitors. A few do, but the rest are missing out on sales. If you have a one-page advertorial for a specific product that actually does have an ecourse for its affiliates - use it! They're great money-makers.

Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

Those who truly want to attain a financially free mindset, have only to set their minds on it, and acquire the proper means, as they do in relation to any other aim which they want to achieve, and it can be easily done.

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