Do not promote your own site unless

• It is specifically permitted by the forum rules; Do not post spam:

Super Affiliate Handbook

• Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards (repeated and/or multiple - read "unnecessary" - postings);

Ensure that your signature file:

• Remains a reasonable size;

• Does not contain excessively large images or annoying animations;

• Follows all the rules applying to the posts themselves.

Don't invade others' privacy:

• Don't post private addresses or phone numbers, including your own. Do not make needless use of:

• Swearing, derogatory terms, hate-speech, obscene or vulgar comments. (Probably the most effective way to receive a permanent or temporary ban).

Enjoy the Forums!

• If you have any problems, just make a post in the appropriate forum, and somebody will almost certainly be glad to help you.

There you have them. Fairly simple, easy-to-follow forum guidelines. So, get out there and participate. That's the fastest way to learn what you want to know.

A list of useful Internet and affiliate marketing forums is provided for you in the "Resources" section, later in the book.

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