Compression Extraction Utility

If you've ever downloaded software or a large ebook, you've probably downloaded a 'zip' file. These are files that are compressed to take up less space and bandwidth. To extract zipped files, you need an extraction utility.

WinZip - One of the most popular extraction utilities is WinZip. WinZip compresses and decompresses files using the zip format. This is the most common format used on the Internet for compressing Windows files. Files compressed in this way are identified with the extension .zip.

Once you install WinZip, it will start automatically when you click a .zip file in your browser window or on your hard drive. It will show you the contents of the .zip file, and by clicking the Extract button, you can decompress and save the final product.

Be sure to note which folder you save files to, so that you can find them again, either to run the program, or to delete it if you do not want to keep it.

WinZip can be downloaded FREE from any of the following Web sites.

^ Tucows

Stuffit Expander - Like WinZip, Stuffit Expander is a utility that will decode and extract Macintosh files downloaded from the Internet.

Unlike Windows downloads, which must be decompressed, Macintosh downloads must be decompressed and decoded before they can be used. Fortunately, Stuffit Expander combines both these steps.

Macintosh downloadable files are encoded using either the BinHex or Macbinary formats. BinHex files have the extension .hqx, and Macbinary files have the extension .bin. Stuffit Expander can decode both kinds of files.

When you download a .hqx or .bin file, follow these steps.

11. After the file is downloaded, Stuffit Expander will automatically start and will first decode the file, creating a compressed file with the extension .sit. Stuffit Expander will then decompress the .sit file; usually creating a folder that holds the final product.

13. Make a note of the folder so that you can find it again, either to run the program, or to delete it if you do not want to keep it.

15. Open the new folder, print or read the Read Me file, and follow the instructions.

17. You can then delete the .sit file and the .hqx or .bin file.

Stuffit Expander can be downloaded from the following site.

^ Stuffit Expander

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