Cobranding is a form of customization whereby the affiliate program permits you their affiliate to brand a copy of the landing page on their site with your logo andor your sites look and feel

This method gives your visitors the impression that they are still on your Web site which can improve visitor trust in 'your' products and result in increased sales.

Many merchants offered co-branding when affiliate marketing first began on the 'Net.

However, very few merchants offer co-branding nowadays. It's simply too much work for them to approve each and every affiliate's logo graphic. For sites that allowed affiliates to automatically upload logos, there was always the potential that the logo was totally inappropriate and not in keeping with the image they wanted to promote. Also, most affiliates aren't graphic artists. Who wants to have someone's tacky logo in the upper-right or left-hand corner of a site that just cost you a fortune to develop?

I did recently come across a co-branding opportunity and you can see the results at: http ://

Note how the Web address is a subdomain of which is owned by the Websponsors affiliate network. 'Webvista' is one of my 'profiles' on their network, and they allowed me to create the subdomain with that profile. If you visit that link, you can see that I've used the header graphic from my domain, making it look like a part of that site, rather than the Websponsors site. BTW, this isn't a page I promote, but simply something I wanted you to take a look at to see a sample of co-branding.

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