A web browser is a software program that lets you view web pages and navigate the Internet.

The most popular browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Recent reports show that 90 to 95% of web surfers access the Internet with IE (Internet Explorer).

Netscape Communicator/Navigator is the other major browser currently being used on the World-Wide-Web, made by Netscape Communications.

To see which browser you are using, look at the upper right-hand portion of the title bar of your current browser window. Internet Explorer will have the 4-color Microsoft 'flag', and Netscape's logo is an 'N'.

You should have both browsers installed on your computer, so you can make sure that your web pages can be read in both. While fewer than 10% of surfers use Netscape to surf the Net, 10% of a hundred, thousand or ten thousand dollar advertising budget is a lot of money to throw out the window if folks can't see your page.

To download the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape, visit the links below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Communications - Navigator

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