Bandwidth Hogs

Bandwidth is an electronic resource that gets used up every time characters of information are downloaded from, or uploaded to, your Web site. The more bandwidth resources used, the slower the transmission of data and information.

Surfers have very short attention spans, and the majority do not yet have cable or fast ADSL connections. So, page elements that hog bandwidth and slow your page download times may be reducing your income.

Graphic images are large and complex and therefore tend to gobble up bandwidth. So, when you're considering adding 'heavy' bandwidth hogging graphics to your site, stop first and ask what, if anything, will that particular element contribute to your conversion rates.

In most cases, if you answer honestly, the reply will be 'nothing'.

If the answer is 'nothing', then don't add it.

Bandwidth hogs include large or animated graphics, Flash, and sound of any kind. If you need graphics on your pages, make sure they are compressed to their smallest size without affecting their appearance.

Keep your site as simple and fast loading as you possibly can.

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