Avoid Tricks and Deception

Google makes similar site quality recommendations to those below to help you avoid having your site removed from their index. Once a site has been removed, it won't show up in Google.com or on Google's partner sites. The same suggestions hold true for all the major engines.

• Don't deceive your users by presenting different content to search engines than is displayed on your pages. A common trick in the past was to include highly popular but irrelevant keywords in meta tags to get 'the click'. While that brought traffic to the site, the visitor was disappointed by results that had nothing to do with their search, and the engines appeared not to be able to produce relevant results. The search engines now pay attention to such tactics and will remove those using deceptive practices from their index.

• Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. This includes using hidden text or links, sneaky redirects; pages loaded with irrelevant keywords and the use of 'doorway' pages. Google also recommends against creating subdomains and domains with essentially duplicate content.

Those who concentrate their energy on giving their visitors a good experience through honest and fair practices, will be better rewarded than those who spend all their time trying to dupe both the engines and their visitors, just to get the clicks. They'll also sleep better at night than their deceptive webmaster counterparts.

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