Avoid a name that you need to spell out Take for example my site byebye925com

The first time you hear it, you might think it is spelled 'bybynine2five.com', 'byebyeninetofive.com' or a number of other ways.

For that reason, I have to spell it out each and every time I say it. Adding numbers into

Super Affiliate Handbook the fray adds to the inconvenience. Imagine having to say, 'B-Y-E-B-Y-E, number 9, number 2, number 5 DOT COM several times a day.

• Take care not to infringe on a trademark - A trademark is a name or symbol is officially registered to a third party, and unless otherwise specified, the trademark owner is the only party that can legally make use of a trademarked name. As a result, when purchasing a domain name, be forewarned that buying a domain containing a trademark could result in a legal battle, and the registrar will likely side with the trademark owner. VeriSign's dispute policy, for example, reads: "It is your responsibility to determine whether your domain name registration infringes or violates someone else's rights." A court order could have your site shut down quickly. So before buying that name, do some research to make sure you won't run into trouble later. Trademark research and information can be obtained at:



The Trademark Association


Have fun! Get out your dictionary and thesaurus and play with words. Brainstorm a long list of possibilities and you'll come up with something that is uniquely you.

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