Affiliate Program Directories

Affiliate Program Directories are Web sites that contain lists of links to affiliate programs that have been compiled and organized by various webmasters. They usually categorize the listed programs by type of products sold (e.g. educational, business, etc.) and include brief summaries of each program with sufficient information to allow directory users to choose which programs they would like to join. Some also provide program ratings as supplied by program users.

Affiliate program directories are best used to find merchants that have stand-alone or 'in house' programs which are therefore not associated with the big affiliate networks.

However, when searching through the directories, you'll discover that many of the merchants listed ARE also affiliated with networks. It therefore saves time to research the networks first, because in all likelihood, you'll be redirected back to them anyway to sign up for many of the programs.

Although there are hundreds of affiliate program directories, here are the two most worth visiting:

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