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Signup Restrictions - Site must receive 2000 unique visitors per day minimum, and only Canadian and U.S. are accepted. Consideration will be given to Western European and Australian sites with a 90% Canadian/U.S. audience. Your site must be a top-level '.com' domain.

Programs - CPC, CPA Minimum Payout - $25

Payments - Officially, they pay NET 60 days. However, they say that in practice they've always paid out NET 35 days. Real-time Tracking - Yes

Multi-Tier - 2-tier 5% commission, as well as a flat bounty of $2.00/referral.

The one page signup process is fairly easy with all the standard questions. I'm always grateful to see that they want to know where to send my checks! © It was nice to see that they include a 'comments' section with a 'How can we help you?' request.

It was a little disappointing however to finish the application process and receive a message telling me to expect a reply to my application within 3 to 10 days. Three days I can understand. As my first encounter with a company, if I had to wait ten days for my application to be approved, I'd be reluctant to do business with them. As it turned out, it took 4 full business days for my application to be approved, which is marginal. Delays during the application process don't build my trust in their ability to respond quickly to questions that I may have down the road.

On further examination however, in the 'Attendant' section I discover that 'Affiliate Fuel is available to help you with offer placement or any other issues M-F from 8AM-5PM PST' and that 'Affiliate Fuel replies to all questions promptly and efficiently'. That's excellent, but they could be losing good potential partners, as that information is not stated clearly front and center.

On a very positive note, Affiliate Fuel is the ONLY affiliate network that ever sent me a 'We Appreciate Your Business' card. Very nice touch, indeed!

Affiliate Fuel has a really attractive user interface, based on a "service station" theme. However, you have to get past the 'cutesy' navigation labels. Without the flyout explanations, terms such as 'Drive In', 'Fill Up', 'Under the Hood', 'Tune Up' or 'Checkout' can be confusing.

Affiliate Fuel is one of the few networks that posts whether an advertiser's account is properly funded. In keeping with the fifties scheme service station scheme, this is depicted through graphic 'gauges'. The gauge displays the amount of money left in the account. If the account is more than 1/2 full, all advertising creatives (banners, etc.) are available and all affiliates can run an offer. If your account is low, you are limited to running the offer only through banners and not through emails or newsletters. If the account gauge displays as empty, the offer is being 'refueled' and isn't available until the advertiser has made a deposit to their account.

I really like their fair anti-spam policy. Too many companies have an 'ask no questions, fire the affiliate' approach to spam complaints. Affiliate Fuel on the other hand appears to have a more democratic approach, as follows:

"Should a spam complaint arise from a user against an affiliate, we require that the affiliate be able to furnish the date and IP address in which the user subscribed to their list. We also require that the user be removed from the affiliate's database prior to any further promotion of our offers."

At the time of writing, Affiliate Fuel had 71 merchant offers. DO take the time to visit the site despite the low number of offers. Based on information posted on the site, as well as testimonials, it looks like these guys are in the business for the long haul, and will become a much bigger player among the affiliate networks.

A few of Affiliate Fuel's merchant client's include:

• Time Magazine

• Entertainment Weekly

• Wall Street Journal

• National Enquirer

• Columbia House

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