Few of My Favorite Affiliate Programs

The programs below all have the following elements is common:

• Excellent products and services offered on attractive sites.

• High commissions and a fair revenue-sharing structure.

• No outside links that 'steal' customers and commissions.

• Approachable and reasonable affiliate managers who are willing to discuss program and commission improvements.

In alphabetical order, a few of my favorite affiliate programs include:

Cashring - (Hosting & Matchmaking Services) - I've done business with Montreal-based Cashring almost since the day I started marketing online. Their products include the dating site, IwantU Select Clubs and WISOL, their hosting services. The 2-tier program pays recurring commissions up to 50%. -> http://www.cashrinq.com

Commission Junction - OK, not an affiliate program, but an affiliate network, Commission Junction just makes my life SO much easier, by making it easy to find great merchant partners. ^ http://cj.com

eBay.com (Auctions) - Part of the Commission Junction network, eBay pays $5.00 per lead and .05 per bid. Performance incentives up to an 80% commission increase are awarded to affiliates with large numbers of transactions. You'd be AMAZED at how quickly those nickels add up!

^ http://ebay.com

FriendFinder.com (Dating) - Friendfinder is just one in a vast & popular network of dating sites serving adult, alternative, Asian, religious, Korean, French, German and other communities. Their commissions vary according to whether you sign up as a percentage or clickthrough partner.

-> http://friendfinder.com/

GetResponse (Autoresponders) - Simply one of the best, full-feature autoresponder/mailing list services available, the 2-tier program pays 30% payout on direct sales, 10% on affiliate sales and are recurring. ^ http://www.qetresponse.com/

Host4Profit.com (Hosting Services) - No reselling. Just refer your customers to Host4Profit.com and earn $10 per account - per month. -> http://www.host4profit.com/

Internet Marketing Center (Internet Marketing) - If you promote Internet marketing educational products and want to help your customers, send them to IMC first. -> http://www.marketingtips.com

Match.com / One and Only (Dating Services) - Dating/Matchmaking sites owned by Ticketmaster. One and Only was the first program I ever joined, and is still one of my best-selling products. ^ http://match.com

SiteSell.com / 5Pillar Program (Internet Marketing) - Ken Evoy of SiteSell has a whole host of free and very reasonably priced, excellent quality products for those interested in Internet marketing.

^ http://sitesell.com/webvista.html

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