When youre evaluating the product do you also take a look at the sales page and evaluate how well you think its going to convert

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Yes I do, although I don't refuse to promote a product just because they have a poor sales letter. Years ago I was sent a book or an e-book by a person, and I read the e-book and it was fantastic, and I went in and I did with a quick check to make sure that my link was correct through ClickBank and glanced over the sales letter, which was absolutely terrible. And so what I did was, I told my readers in the newsletter that this book is fantastic, you need this book, and the sales letter's terrible, so just go ahead, scroll to the bottom and click on the purchase link.

And that person sent me an e-mail about a week later saying I had generated more sales in the 24 or 48 hours from when I sent out my newsletter, than she had received in the whole year and a half prior.

So the quality of the sales letter isn't important, if you are doing a lot of review. For my stuff, I provide my affiliates with a short little quiz teaser, it's like three lines long, it says, "eBay sellers, are you losing money in your eBay auctions? Take this short quiz and find out now," or "take this free quiz and find out now." And with something like that, the sales copy has to be great, because you're not building up an interest, right?

But if I am writing a 3 or 4, or most of my newsletters run 7 to 10 pages long, a long review and providing enough interest in building up a desire, the sales letter doesn't matter.

Now a lot of people, when they get involved with selling on eBay, or selling their own products, they wouldn't even think to incorporate affiliate sales into the mix as well. What was it that originally prompted you to start selling products as an affiliate?

I had been, and this goes back to 1998, '99 maybe. I had been at that time watching Bill Myers had a board about creating information products, which I was just getting into, and a number of other discussion boards like Tony Blake's, and I kept seeing mentions of affiliates, making money as an affiliate. I played with Amazon and never really made any money with it, still haven't, because there's no profit in Amazon, but anyway, I had grown to the point with my eBay business where I couldn't host my own eBay images on the little space that my web provider, my Internet provider, gave me. So I had to buy a domain and set up a website.

When I did that I got all these other tools that were added to it. One of them was ListServ, which is like early version of an email list management solution. So I started that, and I had a few hundred people on that, and one day I saw that, I think it was toys.com or one of those big dot com companies, was selling Lionel trains below wholesale. And I wrote up a short thing just to let everybody on the list know, that they could get these items for below wholesale, I mean like, if wholesale is $400, the dot com was selling them for 260 or something like that. And then because I have seen these posts about affiliate sales, I thought, well, I should check to see if they have an affiliate program. And they did, and I created a link. I sent that out to my list and proceeded to forget all about it. I got a few people send me emails saying, thanks for the information, but didn't pay any other attention to it, and about 90 days later I got a check in the mail for $800.

And at that point I was like, man, I can make money doing this. So I started watching the big dot coms for more instances of that, which stopped when they all went bankrupt, but I also started looking for other things that I could promote as an affiliate, and that's how I got started.

What is it that you like about the ClickBank products in particular?

I like two things about ClickBank. One, it's so easy. I don't have to deal with anything, I don't have to deal with the refunds, I don't have to worry about the people sending me a check or screwing me, which I have had programs that I have promoted in the past where I never got paid or the people changed the program in order to cheat me out of my commissions. With ClickBank, sure some of the people might use their own affiliate link to buy the product, but I get paid.

And the second thing, I like about ClickBank is I get paid a check, or actually a bunch of checks, every two weeks. And it allows me to have some stability in my life.

So, how much do you make now per month, just as a ClickBank affiliate?

It ranges depending on whether I am doing a big promotion and one of my peers has a new product out. In the months where one of my peers that I work with closely releases a new product, I can make $5000-7000 promoting their product. In the months that are normal, where there is nothing new and exciting coming out, it runs maybe 1000 and sometimes as much as 2000, all depending on the traffic that's coming into my website.

How much do you think a newbie could make if they are just starting out in the ClickBank affiliate game?

It would all depend on their traffic, or I like to use the word "reach". Because for me I have tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers, so I have reach, and the ability to reach out and get a lot of people interested, and drive them wherever I want to send them.

Whereas, somebody that's new doesn't have that. So without that, I don't know, I know from my experience I have never done well promoting my products with Pay per Click, and other than the Pay per Click, I don't see how somebody that's new could drive traffic, or could get the traffic.

So it's going to be a process of building that reach, and as you build the reach your income grows, and that's what happened with me. So while the $800 check was like a big check, that was really an aberration, I don't think that's normal.

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