When people have finished listening to this interview whats the first thing they should do in order to become a Click Bank affiliate success story

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First thing you want to do is, you want to. if you don't know anything about ClickBank yet, or you kind of know a little bit, first you want to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate of course, you need your affiliate ID.

You might want to go around the ClickBank Marketplace just to figure out products that you like. I normally like to pick out products that I can relate to, because whenever you are creating reviews and all that, products you can relate to, you can sell better, because you kind of have the drive to write about it and all that.

And I'd also recommend that the listeners go to your website, read the e-Books and all that. Actually take the action to actually read it, probably print it out, probably be better. Print out the e-Book and all that, mark on it and all that, because you know how they say, writing out your thoughts are better than reading it off the computer.

So that would probably the first thing to do. And then learn about traffic generation after that.

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