What was the biggest mistake you made you got started in Click Bank affiliate promotion

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Probably a couple of things; one is choosing the wrong product. I had some success and I thought, well, I'm going to apply this principle to something that I really know that much about. A product that I didn't know anything about, I am going back to what I said right at the outset, I didn't have passion for it, I didn't have really a great understanding and it came across in the way that I was trying to promote it, so that it totally fell flat.

And so that was one, and the other one I guess is, just generally expecting things to happen too quickly. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of seeing the success of others, and seeing how easy it is to get set up, and just to think, all I need is a bit of traffic and I'll start making a ton of affiliate sales.

So that was generally probably another mistake, just having not too high expectations, but having expectations of success too early, I think would be the other one.

What kinds of mistakes do you see other people make?

I have seen people use the direct ClickBank link in their emails or in their PDFs or whatever. Now I know some people are actually consciously doing this now, and they make a statement saying, "look, this PDF has got affiliate links in it, hover over them and you'll see my ClickBank affiliate link. I recommend these products so why shouldn't I get paid for them?" that's fine. But you do also see people not using any form of redirect and it just screams affiliate link. Most people now know the chances are if you recommending something that you are going to be an affiliate, but there's no need, I don't think, to sort of come out and openly sort of show that.

And other mistakes I have seen, I guess these kind of all encompassing sites that try and sell anything and everything, and you still come across those. And the best bit of advice that I can offer, really, is to find something you're interested in and stick to that, stick to a type theme for all your affiliate products. And rather than just trying to go across the whole game of industries.

Obviously I said at the beginning, I am selling, you know, recipes, stock trading, golf and internet marketing stuff, but I've got sites for each of those niches. It's not like I am trying to run the whole thing on one site.

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