What are the big mistakes that you see other people making

Biggest mistake other people are making? I am not sure but there are a lot of other mistakes, and I think they are doing same thing like what I did before.

Like buying products... I am not talking about now the ClickBank thing, buying from ClickBank or from anywhere, information after information after information, and never use it. I have done that mistake, and there are many people I think they are doing the same thing. They just look at their hard disk, they'll find thousands of products, they never read them.

You know, you get excited, you buy something, after that you keep it there, you read a few pages and never used even what is inside it, you never read to the end. I mean, how can you improve yourself that way?

And the next time you feel like other people are selling you something which is not right, because you didn't read properly, you didn't even an interest up of that. Unless you get excitement to read something from Internet, but you don't read it.

But these days I am... if I get something, make sure I read to the end, try to see why he writing like this, I'll not permit even though his information is a little corrupt, but I know the weakness there, and I learn from reading that particular information.

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