What are some of your websites now that promote Click Bank Affiliate products

Let's see, on and off, one of them is Crickens.com, it's an article site, and it's basically anyone can upload articles on there and every once in awhile, I'll just run like, the ClickBank banner on the top of that, to see what happens.

And then I have a bunch of niche sites. Off the top of my head, I can't even remember some of the URLs. One of them is mpney.com which actually right now, I'm using to push one of my own products but I can change the links on there at anytime to push different products.

I actually used that site and I got ranked on the top of Yahoo for "make money online", I'm on the first page. And then for "work at home" and stuff like that, I believe I'm on the second page and "make money", I'm on the third page, and those ranks are coming up.

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Address j ®J http ¡//search, y ahoo.com/search?p=rnake+money+online&ei=UTF-8&fr=sbc-web8oc=wrt



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